2015 November: Warhorse Joey photocall

On 7th November 2015 Warhorse Only Remembered was performed in the Abbey.   Prior to the performance Warhorse Joey visited Sherborne.


A word from the author, Michael Morpurgo :

“War Horse the book was inspired by a fireside chat in a Devon pub, over 30 years ago, with a veteran of the First World War. It has since been a National Theatre play, a symphony concert piece, a radio play and the Spielberg movie. But this concert version adapted by John Tams (the song-maker of the NT production, now four years into its London run) and sung by John Tams himself and Barry Coope, is the closest of all the adaptations to the original book, in which the voice of the storyteller is the voice of Joey, the horse on a Devon farm, sold away to the army to go to the front in 1914. And it’s the version in which, as the reader of the story on stage, I am most involved. Every time I read it, with John and Barry’s glorious music interwoven with the words, I feel as if I’m telling it for the first time, as if I was there, as the old soldier in the pub was, all those years ago.” – Michael Morpurgo

Prior to the Abbey performance, John Baker, Festival Artistic Director, wrote of Warhorse Joey’s photo call :

“It is such an honour for the Festival, and for Sherborne, that the National Theatre and Joey have accepted our invitation to visit the town. The photo call, and Joey’s guest appearance during the performance with Michael Morpurgo, is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all our Festival supporters, and we especially hope that as many young people as possible will come along at 3.30pm for what promises to be a memorable occasion.”- John Baker

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Michael Morpurgo, signing autographs outside the Abbey after Warhorse Joey's photo call.
Michael Morpurgo, signing autographs outside the Abbey after Warhorse Joey’s photo call.
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