Sherborne Abbey ⎪ DT9 3LQ

Sherborne Abbey can be found on Half Moon Street, just off Cheap Street in the town centre.

✥  Sherborne Abbey map




Castleton Church ⎪ DT9 3SA     ✥  Castleton Church map

The Big School Room, (BSR)  Sherborne School ⎪ DT9 3AP     ✥  BSR location

The Music School, Sherborne School    ✥  The Music School location

Digby Church Hall, Digby Road ✥   Digby Church Hall location

Sherborne Girls School  ⎪ DT9 3QN   ✥ Sherborne Girls location

Methodist Church, Cheap Street ⎪ DT9 3BJ ✥ Methodist Church, Cheap Street

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