Milton Abbas

The small picturesque village of Milton Abbas can be found about 17 miles Sherborne. It is about 8 miles south of Blandford and 11 miles north east of Dorchester.

The village was built between 1773 and 1780 along a single street on a valley slope. The attractive thatched cottages with small greens lining the  road are evenly spaced and very photogenic.

The next Milton Abbas Street Fair will be held on Saturday 27th July 2019.


Founded by King Athelstan (925-939), nearby Milton Abbey was built to commemorate his brother, Edwin, who died at sea.  In 1309 the abbey and its contents were decimated by a fire which broke out after a lightning strike.  The church which we can see now was built in the 14th century.

Summer Exhibition 2018 at Milton Abbey Set in glorious countryside landscaped by Capability Brown the Summer Exhibition, Athelstan’s Dream – A Saxon Tale,  is being staged at the Abbey from 4th July to 31st August 2018. The exhibition covers a whole range of topics including: Discovering the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxon Life, The Age of Heroes, Weapons of War, The Warrior King, Landscape and Farming, Language, House and home, Food and drink, Clothing, Art & jewellery, Transport, Trade, The Status of Women, Marriage, Children, Health & Hygiene, The influence of Anglo-Saxons on Literature today, King Athelstan’s Dream, The gift of a Minster and The Abbey today.

Living History at Milton Abbey. Saxon History Comes to Life at Milton Abbey’s Re-enactment Weekend! A free Family Weekend, featuring a Saxon and Viking re-enactment staged by an authentic re-enactment group known by the Norse name of Hildsvin will be held on 14th and 15th July 2018.

There will also be a display of both Viking and Saxon artefacts, weapons and armour, plus replicas of archaeological finds like the Jorvik helmet and the Sutton Hoo helmet. Most of these can be handled and tried on by visitors.  Children will see how coin dies were manufactured individually by hand by artisans known as engravers and there are some coin dies for those who would like to make a copy of a period coin to take home.

Other activities taking place across this free weekend in the living history village include a working kitchen set-up displaying Saxon foodstuffs with working fire pit; an apiary display (without bees) with a skep (domed basket) as well as candle and wax production; various soft crafts, such as tablet weaving and embroidery; a Lord’s tent and a green-wood working set-up, with shave horse and pole lathe.

All of the activities will help towards an understanding of life in the times of King Athelstan who dreamed and then achieved the unification of mainland Britain.

The main Summer Exhibition at Milton Abbey traces Athelstan’s dream and the journey of this unification, showing how much of the Abbey’s heritage reveals the answer to many questions surrounding the mysteries relating to King Athelstan, the grandson of King Alfred the Great.

Milton Abbey  is open daily 10am to 5pm

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