Cadbury Castle

The best known and most interesting of the reputed sites of King Arthur’s Camelot, this 18-acre iron-age fort at South Cadbury offers spectacular views over the Somerset countryside to Glastonbury Tor.  Evidence suggests that the Romans evicted the first Iron Age inhabitants after a siege in 70 AD and for much of the Roman period the hill fort was abandoned. After the legions left Britain, and with the onset of the Dark Ages, the hill fort was reoccupied, probably around 500 AD. Legends of King Arthur abound and it is said that “on midsummer’s eve the hill turns clear as glass and inside can be seen Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table”.

Cadbury Castle can be reached by taking the lovely country route from Sherborne via Corton Denham, about 6.5 miles.  A short distance beyond the church in South Cadbury is the only path up the hill, marked by a notice-board. There is a small parking space, and a  larger one further on. The path climbs to a gate in a wall, and then  through woods, and finally reaches the enclosure on top. It is a steep climb to the hill fort and the lane can be muddy so walking shoes or boots are essential.

Ordnance Survey Map ref: ST 628252

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