Pack Monday Fair

The Pack Monday Fair was originally called the Michaelmas Fair and takes place on the first Monday after old Michaelmas Day (October 10th). Tradition states that Abbot Peter Ramsam and his workmen completed the nave of the abbey and kept a holiday on that day in 1490.  The name Pack Monday was derived from the men packing up their tools.

Digby Road, Pack Monday Fair
©Josie Elias

In the 19th century the start of the fair was heralded by children blowing cow horns after the clock had struck midnight.  Now it is announced by a midnight procession of “Teddy Roe’s Band” marching through the streets and making a noise to scare away the devils.  The band is relatively new but the music originates from pagan times.

Stalls selling a bewildering variety of commodities including clothes, jewellery, household goods and fast food are erected in Cheap Street, Half Moon Street and Digby Road. There is also a fun fair on the Terrace.

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